Keepguard KG45 GSM trap alarm

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Keepguard KG45 GSM trap alarm

Keepguard KG45 GSM trap alarm

The Keepguard KG45 GSM trap alarm enables gamekeepers,pest controllers and wildlife protection officers to receive a real time text notification to their smartphone when the trap is triggered so they can react quickly to check on the trap.

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The Keepguard KG45 Trap Alarm, a product developed together with Nordic trappers for safe and human trapping with all types of live animal traps! KG45 Trap alarm instantly alerts you if your trap is triggered so you can take action. 

KG45 is a perfect way to ensure maximum number of catch with minimal money spent on checking them. As trapper it’s easy to understand that less human scent around a trapping spot helps to give higher catch rate. And it also reduces risk of other humans to find your traps.

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¤ Animals spend minimum time in trap after catch.
¤ Big benefit for professional trapping, spend minimum of gas and time to

¤ unnecessary checking your traps each day!

¤ Can be used on most types of traps, live catch, body grips, snares etc.
¤ Also used as simple alarm for doors or other property.


  1. You needs- 4x AA batteries and a mobile SIM-card that can send text messages.
    2. You SIM-card should be unlocked with no PIN-code, this can be done where you buy your SIM-card or true your mobile phone.
    3. Install 4xAA batteries, choose Lithium batteries if your traps are used in cold climate.
    4. Install SIM-card.
    5. Put the KG45 in ON mode, open your mobile phone and send a text message #100#1234# to the KG45 alarm. This will add you phone number to the alarm and send you a message that you are added and information about battery capacity and signal strength.
    6. Send a SMS to the alarm to activate daily report: #105## You will get back a short message: Daily Report ON, OK.
    7. Your alarm is now ready to be attached on the trap. First, attach the wire to the trap door, then check best place to fix the KG45 to the trap. After you are ready, set the trap and then trigger it to see that magnet is pulled off from alarm. Then set the alarm to ON and its ready. You will automatically get one daily report each day with information about battery status and signal strength. If trap is triggered you get a ALARM message, this repeats after 2 hour until you shut it down with SMS code: #107##.
    8. For more SMS codes see command list.
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