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RuralCam offers range of 4G solar powered mobile CCTV surveillance cameras with real time video and snapshot pictures for remote surveillance to monitor construction sites and farm buildings


Perfect camera for Remote
Surveillance of Areas

SP210C 2MP 4G Dual Solar Panel Camouflage Outdoor Security Camera with 10400mAh Battery

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  • 4G Trail Cameras: Why Gamekeepers Should Use Them

    Gamekeepers play an important role in the management of wildlife, and one of the most important tools in their arsenal is the trail camera. Trail cameras are used to monitor wildlife activity and population, to detect poaching, and to gather information about the health of game animals. 4G trail cameras take this technology to the next level, by allowing gamekeepers to remotely access the footage and to receive alerts when motion is detected.

  • 4G CCTV for Farms: Keeping an Eye on Your Livestock and Crops

    Farms are vast and often remote areas, making it difficult to keep track of everything that's happening. One way to improve security and efficiency on a farm is to install a 4G CCTV system. 4G CCTV systems use cellular networks to transmit video footage, which means that they can be placed anywhere on the farm, even in areas where there is no wired internet connection.

  • Why Gamekeepers and Estate Managers should monitor pheasant pens with 4G cameras

    Gamekeeping is a vital aspect of wildlife management, and it's essential to ensure that the animals under care are healthy and thriving. One of the key tasks for gamekeepers is monitoring pheasant pens, and using 4G CCTV cameras can significantly improve this process.