How to use our shop pages?

Simply view the product menu (at left side) or view by manufacturer. Welcome to Ruralcam shop, it's arranged similar to a high street shop - with departments containing products. Take a look at the tabs across the top of the page. To enter a department, simply click on its name, e.g. Notebook computers, Mini Notebooks These tabs will take you to the main pages of the store.

Each department has its own front page featuring special offers and top products. You can also navigate using the search category on the left hand side of the screen. Simply put in your requirement and hit Go, the store will try and find the product you require. There is also an advanced search to help with those hard to find bits and pieces.

How to write your own reviews?

Want to write a review of your own? Well now you can! To submit your review of a product simply click on the write an review button on the product information page (at bottom). Just fill in the form and click on the Submit review! button, we'll do the rest.

Tell a friend?

Found a product you want? Why not send the details to a friend! On the product information page click on the tell a friend button (on the right side). Fill in the boxes, click send and we will send them all the information they will need on this product.

How to get through the checkout?

If you decide you're ready to buy, just make sure that the quantities, product names and price are correct. Then you're ready to proceed to the checkout by clicking on the go to checkout button. If you're new to Ruralcam you will need to register, you can do this by going to the click here to register! link and completing the short form. Once you've created an account, you can return to My Basket to complete your order.

To proceed to the checkout, click on the go to checkout button. You will be asked to log in so enter your email address and password, then click continue. The contents of your basket will now be displayed. If you are satisfied that all the details are correct, i.e. quantities, product names and price, follow the on-screen instructions and select your choice of payment. All prices viewed on the website are exclusive of VAT. For delivery to UK and Europe VAT at 20% will be applied to order on checkout.


Value Added Tax is a tax that is required to be paid by consumers that live within the European Union(EU.) Ruralcam is based in the United Kingdom, the VAT applied to our goods is 20%. If you DO NOT live in a European Union member country you DO NOT have to pay VAT. The simplest way to be sure that you are viewing the price that would apply to you is to create a member account. Once you create an account with your correct address information, all you have to do is log into your account when you visit the store and you will automatically be shown a price inclusive or exclusive of VAT, depending on your country of origin.

How to keep Track of your order?

Once you have completed an order, you can check on its progress by clicking on the My Account button at the top or by clicking 'Order history' on the top right corner of the shop page. This will list any orders you have made and show the status of individual items.

Online security?

We realise that our service is built on trust so we make sure security is our no.1 priority. We are totally committed to maintaining this into the future. Our web server uses Secure Sockets Layer. SSL creates a secure layer between your browser program and your Internet connection. It encrypts your personal information, ensuring it can't be read as it travels across the Internet. At no point are any credit card transactions sent over an unsecured connection.

Changing Personal Details?

If you would like to change your personal details, such as your address, email, phone number etc, you will need to click on the My Address Book link at the top right side of the page. To change your account information, click on the Edit Account Info link under the My account header. To change your Ruralcam account, simply complete the form provided, then click continue.

How to search?

If you're looking for something specific in Ruralcam's shop, you can find it using the Search panel on the left hand side of the page. Here's how... Type a word into the search box, for example, Palmax then click on go! You will be presented with all the products from the departments that match the word you entered.

The product information screens?

Product Information Once you have found something you're interested in, you can get a more detailed description by looking at the product information page. You can do this by either clicking on the thumbprint picture on the shop front page e.g. Jukebox 6000; or by clicking on the more info button. Both will direct you to the product information page, where you can find out more information about your chosen item. The product information page contains lots of useful info, including a review blurb, specs and pricing info.

Why Create an Account?

Registration is free to anyone, it will only take 10 minutes of your time to fill in the details. Even if you do not intend to buy today, then registering will allow your details to be stored for use when you next log into the page. Saving you time in the future. On registration you will also be entitled to free membership to the Ruralcam community. This includes: Exclusive member offers. Special vouchers offering discounts on products. The latest news, product releases, often before the official launch

Your shopping basket?

The shopping basket is similar to the one you'd use in your local supermarket. You can add as many items to it as you like, or remove products if you change your mind. The shopping basket allows you to hold on to items that you might want to buy whilst you continue to browse around our shop.All prices viewed on the website are exclusive of VAT. For delivery to UK and Europe VAT at 20% will be applied to order on checkout.

Pre order items?

Ruralcam has a reputation for delivering the latest products to market at competitive prices. We will pre announce the arrival of products displaying them on the bottom of the homepage in the "Coming Soon" category. We will also add a "Pre Order" tag in the first line of the description of the product. We recommend all customers wishing to place orders for these items to choose the "Fax Payment" method in the checkout.

This process places an electronic version of the order on our site, but provides a printable order form for customers to complete with their credit card detals and then faxed back. The order will be processed on our internal sales system, but no payment will be taken until despatch note is created on the day your goods are shipped. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CREDIT / DEBIT CARD OPTION IS A REAL TIME CREDIT CARD PAYMENT GATEWAY, WHICH WILL DEBIT YOUR CARD INSTANTLY VIA OUR BANKS SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT PROCESS.


Goods may only be returned if they are faulty, damaged or do not perform to the manufacturers specifiaction against an authorised RMA no. issued by Ruralcam. Please contact one of our representatives regarding the problem and return the goods with the completed RMA form found in the Useful Info section of the web site.

Overseas shipments, international orders?

Ruralcam ships internationally to the world: Please view international orders. European shipping costs £17.50 for UPS Service. Note companies in Europe will be able to buy VAT exempt if their VAT number provided at point of order. Individuals will need to pay VAT at 20%. Postage to the rest of the world will be at a flat postage fee of £25.00 for all hardware. Additional fees may apply due to weight.

If we pay by bank transfer are there any other fees that we need to pay?

If you select the bank transfer method of payment, Ruralcam is not responsible for any fees incurred and will only despatch goods after the settlement of the full invoice value.

Apply for a credit or trade account?

Ruralcam offers both credit and trade account facilities to resellers, Government, Education and corporate customers; and require a faxed company letterhead with Company Registration Number with a copy of our trade application form completed. We will take approximately 24 hours to completed the credit check and confirm appropriately.